Are Dental Crowns Worth the Time and Money You Invest in Them?

Are Dental Crowns Worth the Time and Money You Invest in Them?

Apr 02, 2021

One damaged or discolored tooth in the aesthetic zone of your mouth is sufficient to knock out your confidence. Moreover, as your front teeth play a crucial role in your life, any damages to them can result in consequences of damages to impact your overall health. You may think a damaged or discolored tooth can remain by itself but will do well to have it protected by a dental crown.

The dentist in Ottawa, ON, ensures you don’t have to suffer the ignominy of having damaged front teeth by giving you dental crowns in Ottawa, ON, helping improve your smile and oral health. The front tooth crowns are indistinguishable from your natural teeth and are unlikely to be noticed by anyone but you. You may think about the cost of having dental crowns on your front teeth and the time you must spend with your dentist to have them. It is why we provide information on the costs of having porcelain crowns to encase your damaged or discolored front tooth.

Problems Can You Expect with Damaged or Discolored Front Teeth?

When you have a damaged or discolored front tooth, your smile is not the only casualty from the damage. If your tooth is discolored and unresponsive to whitening treatments, it indicates the tooth has infections that can spread to other parts of your body.

Whether from cracks or fractures, a damaged tooth is a breeding ground for bacteria in your mouth, creating create havoc and creating additional damage that will need more dental treatments from any dentist near you. However, if you visit Albert Street dentistry, you receive advice on why you must have porcelain ceramic crowns to cover your front teeth. The dentist at the facility convinces you of the benefits of having a tooth cap over the damaged or discolored tooth and how the restoration helps your oral and overall health besides boosting your confidence.

Providing the Dental Crown You Need for Your Front Teeth

The dentist in Ottawa fixes the problem in your mouth by fitting your damaged teeth with a dental crown. The dental crown procedure requires a couple of appointments with the dental professional because the tooth receiving the crown needs preparation. The dental crown you choose must entirely encase your tooth, making it necessary for the dentist to grind it down to accommodate the restoration. The preparation process may scare you, but you are given anesthetics to ensure no discomfort during the preparation.

After preparing your tooth, the dentist takes impressions of your mouth to get your personalized dental crown created by a dental laboratory. You are given temporary crowns or the prepared tooth for protection.

You must wait for a couple of weeks until your permanent restoration is delivered by the laboratory to the dentist, when you can schedule another appointment for having them bonded to your teeth.

The latest dentistry innovations enable dentists to provide same-day crowns using CAD/CAM technology in a couple of hours as you wait in the dentist’s office. If you are fortunate and considered suitable for a same-day crown may not require intensive preparation or temporary crowns on your teeth before you have the final restoration.

When you visit your dentist for the permanent restoration of your teeth, they initially remove the debris and checks the customized restoration for fit, color, and shape. If everything is acceptable to the dentist, the final restoration is bonded to your tooth to encase it entirely and keep your damaged or discolored tooth hidden from everyone.

Dental Crown Procedure and Costs

The costs of dental crowns depend on your geographic location, your dentist’s experience, besides the type of crown you choose to have on your tooth. Porcelain crowns are more expensive than gold crowns but are suitable for the aesthetic zone in your mouth. If you are ideal for a same-day crown made from ceramic, you will likely pay higher prices for the restoration. Whichever dental crown you choose, you can expect to pay approximately $ 800-$1700 per tooth.

The time you spend with your dentist will again depend on the type of crown selected for your requirement. Same-day crowns are fitted in a couple of hours, and the traditional variety requires approximately a couple of weeks and multiple appointments. When calculated together, the time and money seem substantial to spend on a couple of artificial restorations. However, suppose you consider how dental crowns can protect your aesthetic appearance without impacting your oral or overall health. In that case, you will realize the expenditure is worth the trouble and will willingly consider having your teeth restored with dental crowns.

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