Can Dental Implants Be Considered Better Than Our Natural Teeth?

Can Dental Implants Be Considered Better Than Our Natural Teeth?

Feb 01, 2020

Do you have some missing teeth in your mouth and have been suggested by your dentist to consider dental implants? The dentist may also have mentioned that dental implants are better than our natural teeth making you wonder whether you should have all the damaged natural teeth in your mouth removed rather than consider preserving them. While you don’t have to jump at a decision you must also consider circumstances when you may have to remove the damaged or infected teeth in your mouth and have them replaced with implants which would at that time be a better option.

Dental implants are made from high-quality materials and can function in our mouths efficiently. They often help us to maintain good oral health. There are some reasons for which dental implants are considered better than our natural teeth. You can consider the reasons mentioned below to determine whether they are a better option for replacing the missing teeth from your mouth.

Freedom from Tooth Decay

Common reasons for a tooth needing an overhaul like a root canal, dental work and cap is advanced tooth decay. While most teeth can be successfully treated the tooth remains susceptible to decay in the future. This is particularly the case if you have poor enamel, have a diet rich in sugar, have a dry mouth because of medications are simply genetically inclined to tooth decay because of specific bacteria present in your mouth.

Dental crowns placed on top of a dental implant are not vulnerable to acidic attacks by oral bacteria. Dental implants are developed from surgical grade titanium that has been allowed to integrate with the jawbone. The implant is not vulnerable to acidic attacks.

Implants Can Help the Density of the Bone

A tooth implant will prevent gaps from being visible in your smile as well as the damages to your surrounding teeth. For retaining its shape and density the jawbone needs stimulation and regular movement of the teeth encourages it to replenish itself. The jawbone begins to lose its stability when a tooth is lost causing other teeth to shift and even affecting the shape of our cheeks.

An infected tooth can as well contribute to the presence of bacteria that will be victimizing the bone and the teeth. When the infected teeth are extracted the jawbone begins to heal automatically because the implants mimic the tooth root providing the jawbone the stimulation it needs to begin regenerating.

They Last for a Lifetime

Surgical grade titanium and high-quality porcelain are the two components that dental implants are developed from. When they have cared for properly dental implants can last for a lifetime. Studies conducted have provided evidence that the survival rate for implants is 100 percent. Some studies have put the figure at 90 percent lasting for over 20 years.

Living with missing teeth in your mouth can be challenging calling for reconstructive options as soon as possible. You may inquire with the dental implant near you dentist whether they can provide teeth in a day to help you regain your smile in record time. This is a unique dental implant-supported denture process by which the dentist attaches a conventional removable denture immediately following tooth loss. However, if they cannot you need not be disappointed because you can still contact the dentist in Ottawa with a similar request that will help you to begin smiling immediately after losing a tooth.

This discussion may encourage you to contact your dentist immediately to replace the missing teeth in your mouth with dental implants which would be a good idea. However, you are suggested to schedule an appointment with your dentist and discuss the prospects of getting the implants. The dentist will thoroughly evaluate your mouth and general health before providing a treatment plan that is specifically customized for your needs.

We strongly suggest you contact the dentist in Ottawa if you are thoroughly convinced that dental implants are the best option for you to replace the missing teeth or tooth in your mouth. Your oral health will be evaluated by the dentist before providing you with a treatment plan that will help you to get the smile back on your face.

You must, however, be prepared to undergo the surgery needed for the implants to be inserted and wait for the healing process to be completed before you get the final replacements that will brighten up your smile.

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