Dental Crowns Can Restore the Shape Size and Function of the Tooth

Dental Crowns Can Restore the Shape Size and Function of the Tooth

Mar 01, 2020

A crown is a cap or cover dentists can put over a tooth. The dental crown can make the tooth appear stronger or improve its appearance. It can also restore the normal shape, function, and size of the tooth. You may need crowns for a variety of reasons some of which include the following:

  • You have a large cavity that cannot be filled.
  • You have cracked, weakened or worn down teeth.
  • You have undergone root canal treatment and the crown is needed to protect the restored tooth.
  • You want to cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth to improve your smile.

What Are Crowns Made from?

Crowns are made from different types of materials which are often colored to blend in with your natural teeth. When you need a tooth crown you can choose between a porcelain crown, metal alloys, ceramics, porcelain fused to metal, or composite resin.

Your dentist will be attempting to ensure your dental crown looks natural and fits comfortably in your mouth. When determining the type of material to use for your tooth cap the dentist will be considering several factors such as:

  • The function of the tooth and its location.
  • The position of the gum tissue.
  • Your preferences.
  • The amount of tooth that is visible when you smile.
  • The color or the shade of the tooth.

Types of Crowns You Can Choose from

You can choose the dental crowns according to your preference after considering the location where it will be placed and discussing the same with your dentist.

If you need a crown on the molars you can opt for a metal dental crown that is made from gold, nickel, chromium, or palladium. Metal crowns rarely break or chip and only require a little enamel from the tooth to be removed. They can withstand the biting and chewing forces and the only drawback is the metallic color which is the reason why they are recommended as a good choice for the back molars.

If you need a front tooth crown you will find a porcelain crown suitable for your needs. They can provide the best natural color shade than any other variety. They are also a suitable choice for people who are allergic to metals. However, they lack the strength of porcelain fused to metal crowns. These crowns are a great choice for the front teeth.

The Steps for Placing a Crown

Two visits to the dentist in Ottawa are usually required to complete the treatment because several steps are involved before a crown can be placed over a natural tooth.

During the first visit, the tooth receiving the crown will be examined and prepared. X-rays will also be taken of the tooth and the bone surrounding it. If any decay is observed indicating the risk of an infection or injury to the pulp of the tooth a root canal treatment may be recommended.

The tooth receiving the crown will be filed from the top and sides to ensure the crown fits appropriately. The amount of tooth filed will depend on the type of crown chosen. All-metal crowns being thinner do not need much of the tooth structure to be removed compared to all-porcelain or porcelain fused metal crowns. If an additional tooth structure is needed to support the crown the dentist will buildup the core of the tooth.

After the reshaping has been completed the dentist will make an impression either from a mold or by digitally scanning the tooth. The impression will be sent to a dental laboratory for making the crown and usually requires about 2 to 3 weeks before it is returned. Your dentist will provide you a temporary crown to cover and protect the prepared tooth while the permanent crown is being made by the laboratory.

The permanent crown will be placed during your second visit by initially removing the temporary crown and checking the fit and color of the permanent crown. If everything is in order the tooth receiving the crown will be numbed by a local anesthetic and the new crown bonded permanently in place.

Dentists Can Also Provide Same-Day Crowns in Some Cases

Modern-day dentistry is allowing dentists to provide same-day crowns if they have the equipment necessary for the development. The procedure for preparing the tooth crown is similar to the conventional method. However, the dentist will not be taking impressions but will take digital pictures of the tooth inside the mouth. The digital design is forwarded to another in-office machine that carves the shape of the crown from a block of ceramic. In this case, the crown will be ready in approximately 15 minutes to be bonded into place. Therefore if you want to improve the way your tooth looks you should be visiting the dentist in Ottawa at Albert Street Dentistry for advice and a crown that suits your needs perfectly.

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