Payments & Insurance

Whenever a patient needs dental treatment, one of their first concerns is locating an office that accepts their insurance provider or that will help them create a payment plan. Because treatment can become expensive, it’s essential to check what is covered under an insurance plan before the procedure. We strive to work with patients to provide quality treatment regardless of the patient’s insurance coverage, so we accept the majority of insurance providers.

Insurance Providers

The insurance provider is the company that supplies a policy to a patient. Providers often offer varying levels of coverage based on how much an individual pays each month. The level of coverage is part of the overall insurance plan. This plan is available from the provider, and patients should remember to check their coverage and bring information like policy number with them to the initial appointment.

The dental office of Albert Street Dentistry in Ottawa can work with insurance companies when it comes to payments, but providing the right information and disputing claims or charges is the responsibility of the patient.

If insurance does not cover a procedure, we will help by offering payment plans.

Payment Plans

When someone does not have insurance, or simply has a policy that doesn’t cover all necessary treatment, we are willing to work with the patient to create a cohesive payment plan. All payment plans should be agreed upon before treatment is provided, and the patient is expected to adhere to the agreed-upon terms.

If there are problems with maintaining a payment plan or a shift in insurance coverage, it is the patient’s responsibility to inform the office.

When to Discuss Financials

For the best coverage and the smoothest process, we recommend that patients prepare their insurance paperwork before coming to the office for the first appointment. It’s also recommended that individuals bring their insurance card or similar documentation so it can be uploaded into the computer system.

Individuals who are unsure about their policy coverage should discuss options with their insurance provider before making plans with the dentist.

For assistance with financials to receive dental treatment in Ottawa, consider contacting us today.

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