All-on-X in Ottawa, ON

If you’re missing all your teeth, or if your remaining teeth are hopeless and can’t be saved, the all-on-X concept is used to replace all your teeth with implant-supported fixed teeth. The number and position of these implants are determined by the volume and quality of the remaining bone.

Teeth in a Day, Today!

Also known as Teeth in a Day, All-on-X is a unique dental implant procedure. It allows your Ottawa dentist to restore a full upper and/or lower arch of teeth. Even more, this innovative technique can be completed in one day. So, are you ready to trade-in your traditional dentures? Do you have ill-fitting or loose false teeth that slip out of place or are uncomfortable to wear?

All-on-X is a great alternative that will permanently replace missing teeth. If you are living with gaps in your smile or are about to have a tooth extraction, All-on-X might be the tooth replacement solution for you. Call Albert Street Dentistry today! It all starts with a free consultation.

The All-on-X Procedure

Four specially-designed implants are used to attach prosthetic teeth. These unique dental implants are created for immediate placement and function. Besides, there is usually no need for bone grafting with this procedure. This tooth replacement option is attractive to dissatisfied denture wearers, those with failing teeth or patients missing a full upper or lower arch of teeth. So, if you have already lost teeth or are about to, All-on-X can give you back your full, beautiful smile.

Unlike other costly dental implant procedures that require sinus lifts, grafting, and more posts per arch, this proven technique involves just four implants. This technique is achieved without sinus lifts or bone grafts. Even more, your Ottawa dentist can restore your full smile in a single day.

Fixed Tooth Replacement Solution

When all is said and done, you will have a stable set of teeth that fixed in place. Therefore, you will not face the problems that come with removable dentures. Also, you will enjoy reduced healing time and lower costs. You can achieve the smile you desire faster with this life-changing procedure.

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