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Exams & Cleanings in Ottawa, ON

Going to the dentist isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of a fun time. People don’t go to their dentist unless something is wrong. Sometimes they might even brush off a toothache for a day or two hoping it goes away on its own. It’s recommended, however, that you visit your dentist twice a year even if you feel perfectly fine. Regular dental exams and cleaning are of the utmost importance for your teeth’s health, which is something we value here at Albert Street Dentistry.

Why Do You a Need Dental Exam at least once a Year?

Dental problems often start small then start to grow. At their very beginning, you might not notice anything different or complain of any pain. When the damage becomes extensive, however, that’s when you might decide to visit us at Albert Street Dentistry. The issue here is that more extensive damage means an unhealthy tooth and one that’ll take more time to fix.

Regular dental visits can help catch any decay or cavities at their start. The sooner the problem is treated, the healthier your tooth will be. Prevention is always better than treatment.

We don’t just assess your teeth at an exam, but also your entire oral cavity, including your gums, oral tissues and your bite. Teeth grinding is another common issue that people are unaware of. It’s detectable on a dental exam, and we can provide you with some recommendations so that it doesn’t wear away at your teeth.

Occasionally, an x-ray might be needed if we’d like to get a radiographic view of your teeth and surrounding facial bones. It’s not routinely done, but don’t be surprised by it. In addition to x-ray, we use an innovative technology to detect dental cavities using light trans-illumination with CariVu®️.

Is Dental Cleaning Really Necessary?

Your teeth might look perfectly fine to you, but plaque and tartar build upon them over time. This buildup isn’t always evident to the inexperienced eye. Dental cleaning removes any buildup, so your teeth are constantly smooth, bright, and healthy.

Looking for a dental exam and cleaning in Ottawa? Set an appointment with us at Albert Street Dentistry and we’ll do our best to keep that smile as gorgeous and fresh as ever.

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