Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Ottawa, ON

Tooth or dental bonding is when the composite resin is applied to one, or more, of your teeth as a method of restoration or for cosmetic reasons. A tooth that stands out as chipped or too short can be modified by dental bonding. Dental bonding is cheaper and considered simpler than installing veneers or a crown.

Dental Bonding: The Procedure

Composite resin is used for dental bonding. The resin comes in many different shades (colors). At Albert Street Dentistry, we’ll first match the resin to the same shade of your teeth. This is to guarantee that the resin fits in seamlessly in your smile and isn’t apparent to anyone.

The tooth to which the resin will be applied needs to be etched a little bit to make it more receptive for the resin. A certain type of liquid is then applied to help the resin adhere. These are the initial steps of the process.

Applying the composite resin comes next and is very easy. An effort is made into shaping it, but that shouldn’t take much time. We then expose the resin to UV light to harden it and make sure it adheres firmly to the tooth.

After all that is over, a few minor tweaks and adjustments may be required. Your dentist will also ask you if your teeth feel okay and if your bite feels normal. Any abnormalities with your bite are an indication that the resin needs to be further trimmed and modified.

Dental bonding should take about 30 minutes if only one tooth is being done. The procedure is painless, and a local anesthetic is usually not even required.

Precautions after Dental Bonding

The resin applied to your teeth isn’t as durable and resilient as your natural teeth. Keep in mind that biting hard objects like ice and popcorn could lead to damaging the resin. You will also need to take regular care of your oral hygiene. You won’t need to repair or make any adjustments to the resin for many years if you take care of your dental health.

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