Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Ottawa, ON

Getting dental fillings is easy and painless, but some of our clients here in Ottawa are still worry about them. Fillings are synthetic and not a natural part of our teeth. It’s fair to worry that adding a filling means your tooth isn’t in perfect condition, but that doesn’t mean that it’s in a really poor condition either. Your tooth is simply more vulnerable now and needs additional support and protection.

When Are Dental Fillings Required?

Due to the action of bacteria, teeth sometimes start to have small holes or cavities in them. Bacteria reside in these cavities and continue to lead to further decay. Without treatment, the entire core of a tooth will die, making it no longer viable.

To combat this decay, here at Albert Street Dentistry, we’ll remove all the damaged areas along with the bacteria using our equipment. We’ll leave healthy tissue untouched as our tools are very minute and fine.

So where do fillings come in?

Removing the decaying parts of the tooth leaves a large unfilled cavity. This cavity makes the tooth weaker and is space for bacteria to return. The best way to eliminate this cavity is by installing dental filling. By occupying the cavity, the filling will protect your tooth’s core, provide it with structural support, and prevent bacteria from returning.

Will Any of This Hurt?

The entire procedure, including the drilling and removal of decaying tissue then applying the filling, is completely painless. Before anything is done, local anesthesia is injected into the gum surrounding the affected tooth. This will numb the area, so you don’t have to feel a thing.

What Types of Fillings Are Available?

At Albert Street Dentistry, we have a variety of materials we can use as dental fillings. Composite is one of the most popular ones, along with ceramic and glass isomers.

Composite and ceramic are great because they have the same color of teeth. When you smile or laugh with composite/ceramic fillings installed, people won’t know they’re there. Ceramic fillings a little more expensive though because they’re more resistant to staining.

Glass isomers are relatively fragile. So what makes them special? They can secrete fluoride, which is protection for teeth and gums.

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