Orthodontics is the field of dentistry focused on treating malocclusions and misalignments. People have two jaws with independent rows of teeth. Unfortunately for modern populations, these jaws do not always align properly. The result is a misalignment or a malocclusion, which is when the upper and lower teeth do not sit together properly.

Canadians have a serious problem with malocclusions. According to modern research, about one-fifth of the population has a major misalignment, which will have a significant effect on oral health and wellness. Even more, people have minor to moderate malocclusions that can affect the shape of the teeth and a person’s bite.

Types of Malocclusion

There are numerous issues which affect the positions of the jaws and teeth. Most are simplified as one of three potential classes that focus on the current alignment of your smile. These are:

  • Class 1: The upper teeth overlap the lower teeth in a minor misalignment that does not affect how you bite
  • Class 2: There is a severe overbite where the upper teeth overlap the lower and affect your bite shape
  • Class 3: There is a severe underbite where the lower teeth overlap the upper and affect how you bite

Depending on your experience, your malocclusion might be subtle or noticeable. Thankfully, modern dentistry has developed various methods to correct bite problems without requiring painful treatment or the removal of the teeth. These are carried out by an orthodontist.


At Alberta Street Dentistry, we feature a knowledgeable orthodontist capable of handling and treating malocclusions in children and adults. Treatment is best done at a young age when the jaws and teeth are more malleable.

At present, there are five popular options available to correct the issue:

  • Braces which correct the position of the teeth
  • Wires or plates that stabilize the jawbone
  • Reshaping or bonding of the teeth
  • Tooth removal to treat overcrowding
  • Surgery to reshape the jawbones

Our orthodontist will be able to determine which one will work best for you after a consultation and x-rays. To schedule an appointment, check out our online system or give us a call.

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