Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Ottawa, ON

Does the thought of visiting your dentist terrify you? Do you prefer to endure the agony of a toothache rather than book a dental appointment? Do dentists feature prominently in your nightmares? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a candidate for sedation dentistry.

Many people experience panic at the thought of going to the dentist. Some people are fearful of dentists because they’ve heard many horror stories—real and imagined—about dental visits that have gone wrong. Others are scared because they’ve had a previous unfortunate encounter with a dentist. At Albert Street Dentistry, we understand that different people have different underlying motivations behind their fear of dental work. As such, we offer sedation dentistry to allow patients suffering from dental anxiety to access the dental care that they deserve.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a form of dentistry in which a dentist uses medication to help patients be at ease during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is sometimes informally referred to as “sleep dentistry.” However, this term isn’t accurate since the patient doesn’t fall asleep, except when the dentist uses general anesthesia.

Depending on the level of dental anxiety at play, our dentist will recommend any of the following levels of sedation:

Minimal Sedation—you’ll be awake but without your usual jitters

Moderate Sedation—you’ll be awake, but barely. If you attempt to speak, you’ll slur your words

Types of Sedation

At Albert Street Dentistry, we use different types of sedation to ensure that you’re relaxed during your dental appointment.

Laughing (nitrous oxide) gas: laughing gas is administered with oxygen through the nose. In few minutes you will feel relaxed and your anxiety will start to fade away.

Oral Sedation: For this, our dentist will give you a pill. We may vary the dosage from one to multiple tablets depending on the type of sedation that the dentist wants to achieve. You’ll need to take the pill an hour before your procedure begins.

IV Sedation: You’ll receive the sedative drug intravenously. This method works faster than the pill and may be used for moderate sedation.

At Albert Street Dentistry, sedation dentistry is available for all dental procedures. Have you always missed out on professional dental care because of your fear of dentists? It’s time to say goodbye to fear and hello to sedation dentistry. Give us a call today, and let’s schedule an appointment.

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