When Does Gum Grafting Become Necessary?

When Does Gum Grafting Become Necessary?

Jan 05, 2021

The health of your teeth and gums need every effort from you to keep them healthy. Gums are essential to protect your tooth roots and the underlying jawbone to keep your teeth firmly in place. Gum grafting becomes necessary when you are affected by severe gum recession from periodontal disease. Maintaining appropriate dental hygiene, coupled with visits to your dentist every six months, help keep your gums healthy. Neglect the above, and the requirement of gum grafting befalls you. Learn more about the gum grafting procedure and why it requires consideration from you from this article.

What Makes Gum Grafting Necessary?

An integral part of your smile and beauty is the health of your gums. Your gums anchor your teeth to the jaw and protect its roots from consuming plaque and bacteria. When gum disease starts to make, your gums recede your teeth and well-being are negatively affected. Gum recession is a condition where the tissue surrounding your tooth pulls away to expose the tooth root. The exposure of the tooth root impacts the health of the supporting bone. You begin experiencing tooth sensitivity with jawbone deterioration, especially to hot and cold temperatures, which eventually results in tooth loss. The dentist in Ottawa, ON, recommends gum graft surgery in such conditions to safeguard you from losing your teeth.

Is Gum Recession a Familiar Concern?

Approximately four to 12 percent of Americans are affected by gum recession. The issue with gum recession is gradual and painless. You may not realize your gums have receded until you are at a progressive stage. If you wish to restore the health of your teeth and prevent further dental damage, you may need a gingival graft from gum grafting in Ottawa, ON. If you are affected by severe gum recession, you will benefit from gum graft surgery offered by Albert Street dentistry.

What Are the Periodontal Treatments Offered for Gum Recession?

Depending on the severity of your condition, the Ottawa dentist offers you various options that meet your needs. They generally begin with conservative treatments that require minimal invasion. However, an aggressive approach is needed in many cases. Some examples of surgical gum grafting options for your condition are mentioned below.

If the grafting aims to halt the progress of periodontal disease, the dentist performs gum pocket reduction procedures to decrease its vulnerability to infections. Bone grafting becomes necessary if implant placement is considered. Gingival grafting is performed to cover an exposed tooth root for treating severe gum disease.

The gum grafting procedure shouldn’t cause panic because surgery is not as intensive as you believe. Gum grafting is a procedure for protecting your teeth from the damaging effects of gum recession. You can even choose to have one to enhance the appearance of your smile. Therefore you need not fear gum recession because the procedure is completed in a couple of hours.

Gum grafting inhibits the progress of gum recession and bone loss by protecting your tooth roots from decay. The procedure also offers cosmetic benefits because the process results in a balanced and even gum line. When performing a comprehensive exam, your dentist will explain the various options available for caring for your gums and help you to determine a treatment plan you are comfortable with.

Is There Anyway to Prevent the Need for Gum Grafting?

Preventing gum recession and the need for gum grafting requires you to understand the reasons that expose you to gum recession. The most common conditions and lifestyle habits that put your gums at risk are periodontal diseases, poor dental hygiene, genetics, hormonal changes, diabetes, tobacco use, improper brushing habits, and bruxism.

If you are continuously struggling with the above problems, you must act immediately by contacting Albert Street dentistry requesting a preventive measure to safeguard yourself against gum recession. The efforts you make to prevent receding gums from affecting you will be worth the trouble and payback by giving you better dental and overall health besides savings.

Most gum recession cases are a result of improper dental hygiene and neglecting dental visits for exams and cleanings. Gum recession begins only when you allow periodontal disease to affect you and neglect getting treatment in the early stages. The neglect leads to gum recession, impacting your appearance and dental health, making gum grafting an essential requirement. If you want to prevent gum grafting altogether, you must develop excellent dental hygiene habits without forgetting the need to visit your dentist for exams and cleanings every six months. It is an excellent method to prevent the onset of periodontal disease or the requirement of gum grafting.

Are you aware when gum grafting becomes necessary for you? If not, please learn from this article why you need this procedure to keep your dental and overall health in good condition.

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